Project Knowledge Technologies WS 2014


Project Knowledge Technologies, Winter Semester, 2014 at TUG, Group Viktoria Pammer-Schindler

This is a research and design project. This site tells you approximately what you will be doing. If you are interested, register in TUGOnline to the course, inform me via Email that you plan to do this course, and arrange a meeting with me in case you have concrete questions.

Background Knowledge Management:

Question: What is the potential of ubiquitous technologies (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, smart glasses, …) for knowledge management?

Learning Goals

After this course, students should be able to

  • explain KM
  • give examples of how (mobile) information technologies could support different phases of KM
  • apply the design techniques
    • storyboarding
    • paper mock-ups
    • cognitive walk throughs

1 (Sehr gut) – has reached all learning goals
3 (Befriedigend) – has reached all learning goals but some gaps in understanding / execution
5 (Nicht Genügend) – has severe gaps in understanding

I will use intermediate grades (2 and 4) for intermediate levels of reaching learning goals 😉

1) Understand: Describe in your own words what knowledge management is (use the building blocks defined by Probst in the given article – Exhibit 1)
Result: Approx 1-2 pages description

2) Brainstorm:
For the KM building blocks, identify what (features of) ubiquitous technologies could support this phase.
For brainstorming
* Generate ideas on your own
* Talk to at least 3 people whom you know and brainstorm together with them (as diverse as possible)!
Resources: Internet (on how to do brainstorming)
Result: Written ideas for all the building blocks (list, mindmap…)

3) Storyboard:
Decide on two concrete stories in which your ubiquitous technology knowledge management solution addresses at least one KM challenge
Note: A storyboard describes the problem, and what changes when it is solved – does not describe the solution!
Result: 2 Storyboards

=== Send Intermediate Results to viktoria.pammer AT, Suggested Timeline: Until Christmas ===

4) Design (Paper-Mock-Up):
Decide on one storyboard
Develop an initial solution in the form of a paper Mock-Up
Walk through this mock-up with at least three people (as diverse as possible)
Refine Mock-Up accordingly
Resources: Internet and HCI Lecture from above on Paper Mock-Ups
Result: Original and final Mock-Up, document changes that you “implemented” because of feedback

5) Implement Mock-Up in Balsamiq or in PowerPoint
Result: Interactive PDF

6) Reflection and Outlook: Relate back to KM building blocks: What functionalities of your Mock-Up address which building blocks/KM challenges? What is missing? Generate a new list of ideas for what you would like to explore if you did a new iteration?
Results: 1-pager description, and list of ideas

=== Send ALL Results to viktoria.pammer AT, Hard Deadline: January 31st, 2015 ===