Sensors and User Models 2015


This lecture is about designing interactive systems, with the technology focus on context-aware smartphone applications as approximations of ubicomp visons. Formal information about this course can be found at the Graz University of Technology’s Course Website

List of Lectures

Slides will be uploaded shortly before or after lectures.

  1. March 11Administrative Stuff incl Grading System and Intro (Vision, Historical Overview)
  2. March 16Designing Interactive Systems (Methods), Assignment 1, Exam Lecture 2 incl Answers
  3. March 23Evaluating Interactive Systems (Methods), Assignment 2+3, Assignment 4, Exam Lecture 3 incl Answers
  4. April 20 – Presentation of Assignments 2+3
  5. April 23 – Android Sensing Tutorial Day (seminar room of KTI), Speedkitty Tutorial
  6. April 27 – Presentation of Assignments 2+3
  7. May 4User Interfaces for Ubiquitous Computing, Assignment 5, Exam Lecture 4 incl Answers
  8. May 11Context-Aware Computing, Final Paper – Instructions, Lecture Evaluation – Results visible in TUGOnline


A selection of results from the assignments within this lecture: