Simone Kopeinik

Picture showing Simone Kopeinik
Kopeinik, Simone, Dipl.-Ing.
University Project Assistant
Computer Scientist
Phone: +43 (316) 873 30637
E-Mail: simone.kopeinik[at]
Address: Inffeldgasse 13/V, 8010 Graz, Austria
TU Graz Online: Link


Simone Kopeinik graduated from Graz University of Technology with a degree in Computer Science. During her studies she specialized in Software Design and Development, User Adaptive Systems and Virtual Learning Environments. She is currently working at the Knowledge Technologies Institute within the WeSpot project and acts as an Internal Coordinator of the INNOVRET project. Previously, she was involved in the Target project on serious games and personalised learning. She has expertise on the Knowledge Space Theory and its Competence based extensions as well as on common Learning Approaches combined with Game-based Learning and Learning Management Systems. Additionally, Simone writes her PhD-thesis in the field of learning analytics focusing on user modeling and personalized recommendations. Her research interest comprises e-learning applications and tools, the use of 3D virtual worlds for learning, user adaptive and personalized (learning) systems, and the implementation of (psycho-)pedagogical models for user centered virtual environments.


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