About KTI


The Knowledge Technologies Institute was funded back in year 2006 and hence is the youngest institute of the informatic faculty. We live an interdiciplinary research culture, in which scientists of computer science, psychology and economy solve problems together.

We work on the design and development of small technological “helpers”, which support the cognitive skills of humans.

  • Psychology: Our works on psychological side include cognition research for technology-enhanced working and learning environments. A special note will be on the analysis of task- and learning situations, the motivation and enthusiastim of the persons involved and cognitive models turned into technical methods. Also the design of evaluations, especially of real working situations is done.
  • Computer science: We work on machine learning for the analytics of big information spaces (text) and sensor data as well as social network theory and semantic technologies. Our aim is to use and combine these intelligent methods and as a result to create hybrid helpers that complement the cognitive abilities of humans.
  • Social Semantic Web-Technologies: In the surrounding environment of economy, we focus on the application of social semantic web-technologies: Science 2.0. Especially the creation of an infrastructure in the web, which scientists can use for the improvement of their tasks and relieve knowledge exchange.