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Avalon – Acquisition and VALidation of Ontologies

Valuable knowledge that surrounds the workflows of business entities can be extracted automatically and represented as ontological structure. The methodology is built upon a cybernetic control system to automatically align extracted knowledge with business processes, external indicators and individual expertise. The project’s adaptive services are particularly useful in volatile business environments, which require dynamic reconfiguration of business processes and a flexible allocation of resources. The AVALON project applies these methodologies and technologies in two different domains, trend scouting and human resource development.

Information Diffusion across Interactive Online Media

FIT-IT Semantic Systems Project Recent advances in collaborative Web technology are governed by strong network effects and the harnessing of collective intelligence through customer-self service and algorithmic data management. As a result, information spreads rapidly across Web sites, blogs, Wiki applications, and direct communication channels between members of online communities who utilize these services. The IDIOM (Information Diffusion across Interactive Online Media) project will support and investigate electronic interactivity by means of a generic, service-oriented architecture. This architecture will include ontology-based tools to build and maintain contextualized information spaces, a framework for analyzing content diffusion and interaction patterns within these spaces, and interface technology that enables users switch between semantic and geospatial topologies. IDIOM introduces Knowledge Planets as a radically new interface metaphor that leverages the new generation of geo-browsing platforms such as NASA World Wind and Google Earth as a front-end for its portfolio of semantic services. Homepage:

TakeX – Tangible Knowledge Exhibition

Through its “Researchers in Europe” initiative, the European Commission funds a Tangible Knowledge Exhibition as part of the I-KNOW conference series. This exhibition is designed to create excitement for research and technological development among young people, particularly women, to put them in touch with research-oriented employers, and to raise awareness for the importance of research in the general public. Research institutions and research-intensive companies will display the fruits of their research and talk about its impact.

WODOMI – Workflow and Document Management Infrastructure towards Integrated University

The wider objective of the project is to establish a sustainable web based network system to be used as an interoperable environment for University workflow and document management and will lead towards implementation of “integrated University” concept and goals recommended by Bologna process. The sustainable web based network system will enable equal opportunities and multilingual approach. The appropriate ICT infrastructure will enable transparent and easy access to all University workflow activities and documents. To realize this wider objective we will learn from the experiences other EU universities have faced, how they resolved them and what new problems they have faced. The proposed activities will produce deliverables used by all beneficiary universities and will help implement the Bologna process and enter EHEA. To accomplish these outcomes we assume a good cooperation between partners and use of EU partners support and experience. Homepage: