The Knowledge Technologies Institute offers a great range of various courses in the summer as well as winter term at Graz University of Technology.


Besides the courses mentioned, you can also attend the following:

  • Bachelor Thesis Informatics
  • Bachelor Thesis Software Development
  • Bachelor Thesis Telematics
  • Diplomanden-Seminar
  • Master-Project
  • Seminar/Project Knowledge Management

If you are interested in writing a thesis, please refer to this site.

Procedure on plagiarism at the KTI

Plagiarism refers to the unauthorized and undocumented use of foreign materials (text, code, etc.). Plagiarism in the works (whether text or program) that you submit in the context of exercises on KTI, is handled very strictly without compromise. If we discover that they are pieces of text (program components) simply copied, without the corresponding label and reference to the authors, you can not complete the course positively. This applies in the same form for the Bachelor and Master theses you create on KTI.