Dez 092011

At 1 October 2011 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefanie Lindstaedt was appointed as a professor of the university’s research area “Knowledge Technologies” in the faculty of computer science at Graz University of Technology. She takes over the head of the Institute “Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies” in research as well as teaching.

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Prof. Lindstaedts research ranges from the analysis of knowledge work, development of innovative services and their evaluation in real work environments. Her research interests include sensor-based detection of user context and user skills, personalization and contextualisation of recommender services, as well as the analysis of huge amounts of data (“Big Data”) and the common, interactive creation of semantic knowledge models. Prof. Lindstaedt particularly examines the integration of soft computing (such as machine learning and statistical analyzes) with semantic technologies (e.g. semantic web) and network approaches (such as social media).

We wish her a lot of success!