Evaluation Methodology

General information
  • Course name: Evaluation Methodology
  • Course number: 707.031
  • Type: VU
  • SWS: 1 (VO), 1 (KU)
  • Course website: To the course website
  • TU Graz Online: Link
  • Instructor: Eduardo Veas
  • Address: Inffeldgasse 13, HS i8 (PZ2EG026)


This specialized course concentrates on evaluation methodologies for research and innovation. The course applies a user centric design (UCD) methodology. At each stage, appropriate methodologies will be introduced with a human perspective. The course will address conventional interfaces (e.g., visualization) and also frontier, less conventional methods (e.g., Augmented Reality, 3D User Interfaces)

The student taking this course will learn through experience to:

  • incorporate evaluation methodologies in the research process
  • understand which methodology is appropriate for a particular interface and research question
  • understand how to use advanced technology (eye-tracking, BCI) for evaluation purposes
  • understand and critique scientific text involving evaluation methodologies

More importantly, from experience, the student will learn how formulate research questions and hypotheses, how build evaluations to test those hypotheses, how to record and collect evidence, analyze it, derive knowledge from it, and report findings from evaluations.