Multimedia Information Systems

General information
  • Course name: Multimedia Information Systems 1
  • Course number: 707.021 (VO), 707.022 (KU)
  • Type: VO, KU
  • SWS: 2 (VO), 1 (KU)
  • Course website: To the course website
  • TU Graz Online: Link (VO), Link (KU)
  • Instructors: Denis Helic, Vedran Sabol
  • Address: Inffeldgasse 16b, HS i12

About the course

In general, information systems are applied for information management. There are various types of information systems and we can classify them by means of different criteria. In this course we classify information systems depending on the nature of information that is managed into information systems dealing with structured information (e.g. database management systems) and information systems dealing with semi-structured information (e.g. document or content management systems). Another useful classification classifies information systems depending on the networking environment in which they run. Thus, we distinguish between stand-alone information systems (e.g an encyclopedia that runs from a DVD) and distributed information systems that run on a network (e.g. Wikipedia or the Web).

In this course we will investigate and discuss distributed information systems dealing with semi-structured information. More precisely, we will deal with Web-based information systems