Software Architecture

General information
  • Course name: Software Architecture
  • Course number: 707.023 (VO), 707.024 (KU)
  • Type: VO, KU
  • SWS: 2 (VO), 1 (KU)
  • Course website: To the course website
  • TU Graz Online: VO: Link, KU: Link
  • Instructors: Roman Kern
  • Address: Inffeldgasse  16b, HSi13

About the course

The knowledge about various software architecures have evolved from numerous software engineering projects over past 40+ years. “Successful” software architectures have been iteratively developed across multiple software projects. Those architectures have emerged from the experience of many software engineers involved in these projects.

In this course we will investigate and apply such exemplary software architectures.