Science 2.0

General information
  • Course name: Science 2.0 VU
  • Course number: 707.032
  • Type: VU
  • SWS: 1 (VO), 1 (KU)
  • Course website: Link
  • TU Graz Online:Link
  • Instructor: Elisabeth Lex
  • Address: Inffeldgasse 13, HS i8 (PZ2EG026)


Science 2.0 is the novel Web 2.0 inspired approach to integrate social media into the research process to establish novel ways for collaboration and information sharing. The Science 2.0 VU deals with how the Web and Social Media are changing research, collaboration and scholarly publishing. We will investigate the impact of social media on citation measures with a focus on altmetrics as novel measures for scientific impact. Based on the Open Science and Open Access movement, we will learn how research and publication processes can be designed in a more open and more transparent fashion.  Also, we will tackle challenges that arise from the use of social media in research like trustworthiness and information quality. When exploring these and related question, students will work on real problems and datasets.