Technological Foundations of Knowledge Management

General information
  • Course name: Technological Foundations of Knowledge Management
  • Course number: 707.009
  • Type: VO
  • SWS: 2
  • Course website: To the course website
  • TU Graz Online: Link
  • Instructor: Markus Strohmaier
  • Address: Inffeldgasse 25/D, HS i3

About the course

This course aims to give students a basic understanding about the fundamental principles, concepts and challenges underlying knowledge management (KM). At the end of this course, students will have a thorough theoretical understanding of these issues, and the ability to relate and apply KM techniques and methods in the light of simple examples. Selected examples are used to illustrate the utility of knowledge management approaches in specific situations, but also to highlight current gaps between KM theory and practice.