Ubiquitous Sensing Framework


In many projects, both the Know-Center and the KTI have created different sensing modules over the past years

  • Platforms: Windows, OsX, Android, iOS
  • Predicted concepts: Time management practice, stress, falls, indoor paths, place semantics

We are now working on a sensing framework that will provide the following capabilites:

  • Client-server architecture
  • Support for multiple users
  • Data from multiples devices per user (smartphone, tablet, PC…)
  • Privacy and security capabilites (https connection, user rights management on server with private and shared “spaces”)
  • Plugin-based system to easily integrate/remove aggregation and analysis modules for different use cases
  • Sensing clients for multiple operating systems (first: Android, Windows)
  • REST API for accessing server data.


  • UbiSense Server: Provides an API for storing and retrieving sensor data; authentication functionality implemented. Aggregation functionality can be implemented on the server.
  • UbiSensing Clients: Sensing raw data; sends data to server with authentication. Aggregation functionality can also be implemented here.


Timeline: We plan to release a first version of the UbiSense framework in 2015, Q3.


Licensing: The UbiSense core components (sensing and basic server functionality) will be open source with a permissive license. For aggregation functionality or resulting applications, IP will be decided on a case to case basis.


  • Ass.-Prof. Dr. Viktoria Pammer-Schindler (KTI, Know-Center)
  • DI Alfred Wertner (KTI, Know-Center)
  • DI Granit Luzhnica (KTI, Know-Center)